Terms of Service

All services provided by Shahin Host must Tschzm within what cleared by laws only. Prevents the transfer and storage of display any information, materials or violation of data to local or international law. This includes and is not limited to proprietary materials idea, Or files and unlicensed substances found programs represent a threat or DAT saucy character. Or material protected by trade secrets under any form whatsoever.
Customer acknowledges a discharge from any claims resulting from the use of the service and damages resulting from the subscriber or any other party.
Shahin Host prohibits any sites that promote any illegal activities or displays the contents of lead damage to servers hosting company or any other servers exist on the Internet

The content

Shahin Host prevent any pornographic content sites or offer pornographic material or material that contains nudity or promote any of these contents, or whether the offer links
Prevents the site or content that is exposed to children included sexual abuse in any form.
Prevents any site incites hatred or incitement against any religions or human races
It also prevents any sites display materials contain violence, for example, included scenes of murder or suicide, processes, or Inluds content on any incitement to such acts.

Terms of use of server resources.

Shahin Host pleased to provide the maximum amount of server resources to serve your visitors or new permanent. And within the limits of the hosting plan that took it when you registered with us. Your account will be limited to the amount of data and storage and monthly bandwidth transfer rate selected by you.
And to maintain the integrity of our service each valued customers apply   Restrictions on Use for each of the following accounts: -
Containing Bnrat sites or scripts Cgi ad or other used on other sites out of hosting.
Sites with a picture library or archive huge (does not include medium or small pictures) libraries.

sharing sites Large compressed files such as zip files, .tar, .ra and .GZ. (Not including small and medium-sized files).

any site that uses more than 20% of system resources alone.

in order to reduce the load on our servers Shahin Host put these limits to maintain the integrity of the rest of the site and accounts on the server to stop the use of either a single site.
If you find that your site does not suit the current plan specifications, you can request an upgrade hosting plan at any time to suit
Current requirements.

Chat Rooms

Shared Hosting service provided by Shahin Host installing do not allow use of chat rooms on our servers,

IRC Chat

Shahin Host   Do not allow Using IRC Chatscript   or from it bots.

Promotional campaigns via emails

send annoying e-mails; Spam via servers Shahin Host is strictly prohibited.

Backup and Data Loss

Owners shared hosting accounts have R1Soft service. And although we retain this backup copy of your site, but we recommend take personal copy of your backup, in case of the failure of our servers & nbsp; Or backup server to return the backup to your site .Shahin Host is not responsible for the files or data on your account.
You agree to take full responsibility for files and data transferred and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on our servers.

Abuse server

Any attempt to weaken or cause damage Shahin Host servers or any of its customers is strictly prohibited. Shahin Host or any of its partners will seek to Tak fullest extent of the legal procedures for all our network faults.

Ban and stop the service

Any violation of the terms are servants will lead to a ban / stop the service .Shahin Host has the right to remove any accounts without prior notice. You will lose the right of refunds payment and will not give you anything in return. No refund to pre-payment accounts discontinued.
Policy in Shahin Host is to send a warning to the offending account to remove any irregularities. But some serious crimes may have to stop the service immediately.

Terms of late payments

Payment is sent an invoice before your five days from the date of payment of the best do the payment on the date specified. With this delay we leave up to 24 hours after the date of payment for invoice and we do not have a wedge to ban your account.

Refund Policy

If the client cancel the service after five days of payment will not be entitled to claim a refund,
but he can before the expiration of the five days of payment.